The first time I heard this name, pet effect I thought it could be one of those magic effects seen in pet shows or rather dog shows. Apparently, I was so wrong. Most of you probably thought like me, so let me bring you on board, according to Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI), Pet effect also known as the human animal bond, is a mutually beneficial relationship between humans and animals that positively impacts on the well-being and health of both. HABRI believes in the powerful relationship between humans and animals and the impact of this relationship on the health of individuals, families and communities. HABRI has so far been committed to support scientific research to substantiate what we all believe to be true, the mutual benefit connection. The few elements under research include healthy aging, allergies and immunity, child health and development, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, quality of life, autism spectrum disorder, cardiovascular health, mental health, cancer, workplace wellness, PTSD and trauma and social isolation and wellness.

There is a large stretch of the many things’ pets can do, but before we get there, what are your thoughts of maintaining animals as pets? I remember a while back a friend of mine asked me, why is it that Africans rarely keep pets? Well my mum used to say,” Who will take care of it when you go to school?” This question probably put off a lot of children who desired to keep pets. Well how about adults, guys in that life bracket that live on their own, the assumption is, keeping pets is an urban-middle class thing which is relatively small percentage of the population, as a matter of fact, some residential houses do not permit pets. Most of us Africans keeping working animals but not pets. For instance, we keep dogs for hunting and herding animals and cats for catching mice not as pets, in fact, affection is rare and they are rarely fed.

Owning pets requires mega commitment, but hey relax we coming to that’s in a little while. Pets have a routine, feeding time, exercise time and even grooming days. This routine has to remain consistent if you wish your pet to remain calm and balanced. Back to commitment, as this aspect unfolds, you realize that aside from pets costing money, food, medical and any other maintenance expenses the bigger challenge is in committing your time and attention and probably a huge part of your social time or me time depending on how you’d like to call it. Sometimes days can be so hectic that we all silently wish there were more than 24 hours in a day and in that time, you have to get up early, house chores, work and then come home early so you can feed your pet and possibly go for a walk together.

Looking at the picture we have created together it seems impossible to own a pet in this day and age where the work load is a little too much as compared to the hours you got to do everything. So, what next? Do we have a solution? Of course, we do. I remember when I met Angie, a pet groomer owning the famous business, Pets paradise, and as we talked and shared what we both liked about pets and how her journey has been as a pet groomer, I just realized she may just be the solution we all want to hear. Pets Paradise has three major services, dog daycare, grooming and boarding. Apart from grooming which happens not too often, daycare and boarding really took much of the hustle from dog owners at an affordable price of course. They do pick and drop services making them so much more convenient and efficient and making us dog owners more flexible. It becomes easier to manage living with a pet with such businesses like Pets Paradise. No more commitment excuses when we have entrepreneurs like Angie who only wish to make our lives and that of our pets a little easier. All you have to do is book an appointment with Pets Paradise and arrange for the pickup and drop services. Isn’t that too easy guys, until next time.

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