As we celebrate our mothers this week, let’s not forget our dogs who are mothers. Let us appreciate the dog who is a mother for they also need to be pampered and given loads of love.

Show some love to your “dog mama” by taking her to a dog spa where they will be pampered through enjoying a full groom. A full groom involves a special spa bath with warm water, special dog soap, conditioner which is good for moisturising her far and a nice dog perfume which will keep your dog smelling so fresh and good all day. Let us not use the tap in our compound which has cold water to wash her for she is special and deserves to be treated with so much love.

Loving her means ensuring that she has a proper diet not just feeding her leftovers as most do. Buy for her some dog food that you know she will like and it should be a healthy option, to keep her happy at all time for this will make it easy for her to take care of her puppies. If you don’t take your dogs for walks, ensure that you take her for a walk this Mother’s Day for this keeps her calm and relaxed. Playtime is very important, it helps you to create a bond with her which makes her feel very special.

We cannot also forget to appreciate mothers who consider their dogs to be their children. They too deserve a spa.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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