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What goes down at Pets Paradise Play Group


The Pets paradise Saturday Play Group is all the craze right now. Nairobi pet owners loved the idea of having a play date for their dogs. Play Groups are actually really important. Your dog will get to exercise with our specialized trainers; the obstacle course helps a lot with this. Also, your dog will get to socialize with other dogs. This helps in getting the dog to adjust to new surroundings and to learn how to relate with the other dogs.


The playgroup starts from 9 am and ends at 4 pm. In the middle of the day, the dogs have one hour sleep time and after that, the session continues. We do encourage pet owners to bring their dogs over as the difference after one session is noticeable. The dog becomes more happy and active. So let as you have your Saturday shenanigans going on, let your little buddy enjoy the day too with other dogs at Pets Paradise!

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