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Rules of the love game!

Rules of the love game

Have you ever loved someone so much but what they do sometimes puts you off?

Let’s be honest dog lovers, it’s one thing to have that unconditional love for that cute fella and another thing getting him/her to behave accordingly. It can be hectic and embarrassing especially when they deliberately don’t listen.

Well, will walk this journey together with a few simple tricks I got from some of the dog owners and it worked for them. It’s a long shot but worth it.

1. Be Patient

Don’t expect your dog to learn all the commands on day one.

Ensure you keep practicing often to help them stay on track.

2. Scoobie Snacks

We all know how dogs love their treats. Whenever you’re out

with your dog randomly or during your training sessions remember to carry treats with you and reward them when they remember how to sit, stay, come or say hello. This makes your dog obey and wanting to impress you each time to get that reward.

3. Keep it simple

Make the training fun and simple as possible at the end of

the day this is your dog. Commands like Come, eat, stay, sit , don’t, are easy for them and commonly used though some dog’s level of training is beyond the ordinary like sniffing dogs or service dogs.The simple the rule the easier it will be for your furry friend to learn.

4. Keep it simple

Every home has a set of rules to be followed when training their dog. Make sure that the rules you have are similar not contradictive .If you don’t want the dog on the couch every family member to teach the dog the same.

5. Use different tone

The tone you use is important when training. You can’t use the same tone when correcting and when praising.

6. Use different tone

Consistency is key when training . Some dogs forget very fast other after a while and adapt negative behavior if you don’t keep up with the training. The more you do it the more your dog learns.v