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My furry friend's first road trip! / Paw Bag for a pawsome vacation

My furry friend's first road trip!

People say there’s a first time for everything and first times can be a very tricky and exhausting especially on a road trip or vacation with your dog with no idea of what to do.

Well generally everyone has their own way and trick to work around it so just to break it down to the MUST HAVE furry bag pack and if you so please you can spice it up to make it suit the occasion.

1. First-aid kit

Imagine a situation where your dog is unwell and forgot their medication that would ruin all the fun right? . Ensure in your kit you have at least disposable gloves ,medication if any, scissors, cotton ,hydrogen peroxide for cuts and ice pack.

2. Food & water

Just like you ,your dog will get hungry and thirsty too during the road trip .Instead of the hustle of where to get his favorite food and endless stops pack your dogs food in containers avoid polythene bag cause it can spill and mess your car .Carry your dogs bowl as well incase he/she gets thirsty.

3. Dog Essentials & Goodies

What’s a vacation with no fun moments? as you enjoy your music let your buddy have fun too . Carry along his favorite treats, toys ,blanket, towel ,bed and have disposable poop bags .For health and safety measures make sure you have the car windows at least open for fresh air and have your dog crater/ carrier ,leash, harness and collar to use when need be .

Hope you got some tips on what you need and how to spice up your road trip with your best friend.

Let’s get set and hit the road cause its vacation time .