That look; that happy and satisfied look on our clients’ faces after we groom their dog is priceless. We live for that. There’s a lot that goes on at Pets Paradise. Only a few people understand the behind the scenes. We do this for the passion of it. We know how underrated dog grooming and care giving is and it’s sad to see that most Kenyans disregard the real hustle of owning a dog.

Your Happy Family

Let the mask out!

Let the mask out!

Tick tok ,time to have that mask on. If you still don’t get it ,you probably fall in either of the two categories am about to talk about.

Tomorrow like every year on October 31th we celebrate Halloween day or night if you wish .What amazes me the most is the African adaption to this idea being a Western culture thing .In Kenya events and parties are now Halloween themes ,we had Treehouse of honor on Saturday in Westlands among others.

What comes to your mind when Halloween is mentioned? From my research I came up with three categories of Halloween characters. First, there is the curious one; they have a rough idea of what it mean maybe even the dates and wouldn’t mind attending an event just out of mere curiosity of what really goes down…..Is it like the vampire diaries movie? My favorite character being the clueless, probably where our folks fall in. They genuinely have no idea of what it’s all about nor do they have the

interest of finding out. To them its juju or witchcraft related. Nothing you say can convince them otherwise. Finally the wizard for lack of a better word. These guys will either blow your mind or make you realize just how sane you are .You will find them dressed up in funny ,weird and creepy costumes with make up as they take over the world.

Regardless of where you fall.

Happy Halloween from Pets Paradise Family