Your Happy Family

Why we do this!

Why we do this

That look; that happy and satisfied look on our clients’ faces after we groom their dog is priceless. We live for that.

There’s a lot that goes on at Pets Paradise. Only a few people understand the behind the scenes. We do this for the passion of it. We know how underrated dog grooming and care giving is and it’s sad to see that most Kenyans disregard the real hustle of owning a dog.

But aside from that, we accept every dog that comes; no matter the history. We always find a way to reach out to the feisty ones, to understand the shy ones and help them come out of their shell. Pets Paradise is more than a dog day care center. It’s a place where you’ll get to know more about your dog and what works for him/her.

Leaving your dog with us for just a night can be very enlightening. The client gets to learn a lot about their dog and we learn a lot more about that particular breed.

We do encourage dog owners to give their pets the extra attention they need; be it in grooming or socialization. We guarantee that your dog will be very happy and positive results will be evident.